Geodis Wilson - High Tech Freight Management Services

Geodis Wilson - High Tech Freight Management Services

11:43, February 15 2010

By Geodis Wilson

Geodis Wilson is a leading global freight management company, providing IT solutions based on transparent e-Services and delivering tailor-made, integrated solutions to customers.

Geodis Wilson manages sea and air cargo across five continents, making supply chains transparent and flexible to handle. As the freight forwarding division of the Geodis Group, Geodis Wilson grew out of the merger between Geodis Overseas, TNT Freight Management and Rohde & Liesenfeld. In November 2008, the company became part of the French rail and freight group SNCF. With its now 50,000 employees located in 120 countries, SNCF Geodis ranks among the top six companies in its field in the world.

We understand that the High Tech industry brings its own set of challenges. When it comes to freight solutions, you need a fast, reliable partner with a proven track record who will work for you – around the clock – to provide integrated door-to-door delivery every day of the year. A partner who creates transparent, tailored solutions and who speaks your language through clear communication channels. A partner like Geodis Wilson.

The challenges of high tech logistics

The high tech industry is characterized by complex, multi-sourced supply chains, the continuous migration of manufacturing facilities and rising expectations from retail and consumers. This means that if you are going to outsource non-core business like freight management, then you want to know that it is going to be done right. Geodis Wilson understands that the high tech industry is particularly affected by constant product innovation and increasingly shorter product lifecycles. Rapid inventory depreciation, as well as the fact that seasonal fluctuations create challenges, must be dealt with seamlessly. That is why we partner with companies like yours to provide solutions that meet the specific challenges you face, in terms of cost and service and ensure that you have the time you need to focus on your business.

IT solutions based on transparent e-Services

High tech freight management is all about maintaining full control at all stages – everywhere – while meeting your expectation-driven requirements. Our global control tower provides complete operational, tactical and strategic control throughout the supply chain. Your security concerns will be solved through TAPA equivalent protection at origin, in-transit and at destination. Your visibility requirements will be met through seamless IT solutions based on transparent e-Services. We also focus on client-specific distribution, using tailored delivery services for retail and consumers. Of course, our best-practice approach has provided us with references from clients at the forefront of the high tech industry and our all-inclusive rates make working with us easy.

Account management

Geodis Wilson is strategically located across the world with teams committed and dedicated to the high tech industry in every region. This means that we can provide superior account management with a strong network to match the needs of even the largest global companies. We also take full responsibility from start to finish.

Consultancy and logistics knowledge

Logistics requirements in the high tech industry can be sophisticated. Geodis Wilson meets this sophistication head-on, by providing innovative, comprehensive solutions based on your real needs. We take a proactive stance throughout your supply chain – from the sourcing of components through to the last mile delivery of finished products, and even beyond with a full range of aftermarket services. Our network design incorporates multi-modal transport capabilities for optimal cost/time ratios and our consultancy approach brings the latest in logistics knowledge to your doorstep. We can also use our Cost Analysis Tool to highlight potential supply chain process improvements. It is a continuously customised solution based on your constantly evolving real-time scenarios, from a partner who understands the challenges the high tech industry faces. At Geodis Wilson we think that partnership is what it's all about.

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