Hitachi Data Systems - Storage Economics

Hitachi Data Systems - Storage Economics

07:09, June 10 2009

By Hitachi Data Systems

Storage economics presents a major shift in the way companies assess their storage requirements and investment returns, from one focused on capital expenditure to the true ownership cost. These days the capital cost typically equates to just 20% of the total cost of ownership over three to four years, understanding the other 80% - the operational expense - is essential to containing and reducing overall costs.

Operational costs typically include areas such as electricity, floor space, people, risk of downtime and hardware and software maintenance licences, to name but a few. Hitachi Data Systems has characterised 33 types of storage costs. By working with customers to establish their priorities for cost reduction, we help the customer evaluate alternative initiatives to reduce total costs.

These may include storage consolidation, virtualisation, tiered storage, disaster protection, back-up improvements and management automation. These initiatives or investments can be mapped directly to the 33 types of costs that will create a total cost reduction

Hitachi Data Systems leverages global R&D resources to develop storage solutions built on industry-leading technology with the performance, availability and scalability to maximise customers' ROI and minimise their risks. By focusing on customers' perspectives as we apply the best hardware, software and services from Hitachi and our partners, we uniquely satisfy our customers' business needs.

Difficult economic times require new approaches and strategies for reducing the cost of storage infrastructure investments. The past several years of IT procurement have left many IT organisations with under-utilised and oversubscribed storage capacities.

Now, with a squeeze on capital and credit, many organisations are faced with decisions and edicts to do more with less. There are increased demands to do more with the existing infrastructure investments in the IT department.


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