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Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 Family

Looking for a modular storage solution with the intelligence to manage many of the complex tasks that administrators routinely face? The 2000 family is the only mid-range storage product with symmetric active-active controllers that provide integrated, automated hardware-based front-to-back-end I/O load balancing. Let your storage system eliminate bottlenecks caused by workload imbalances so you can get on to more important tasks.

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Hitachi Content Archive Platform

The Hitachi Content Archive Platform is a cost-effective active archive solution that meets preservation and retention challenges for virtually any size data centre.

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Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100

Simple Modular Storage 100, a simple and reliable solution for SMBs, offers enterprise-class storage features with complete data protection solutions. Simple Modular Storage 100 is ideal for businesses looking for storage systems that are easy to manage, easy to grow and easy to integrate with applications such as Microsoft Windows and others common to the SMB marketplace.

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Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V

Reaching previously unattainable levels of consolidation, the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ V has redefined the storage industry. It represents the world's first implementation of a large-scale, enterprise-class virtualisation layer combined with thin provisioning software.

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Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM

The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ VM blends enterprise-class functionality with a smaller footprint to meet the business needs of entry-level enterprises and fast-growing mid-sized organisations, while supporting distributed or departmental applications in large enterprises.

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