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Storage Economics: Four Principles for Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Difficult economic times require new perspectives and strategies for reducing the cost of storage infrastructure. The past several years of IT procurement have left many IT organisations with under-utilised and oversubscribed storage capacity. Now, with a squeeze on capital and credit, many organisations are faced with edicts to do more with less and to make tough decisions on where to invest available funds. In particular, there are increased demands to do more with the existing, sunk infrastructure costs in the IT department. This paper outlines methods of quantifying storage infrastructure costs and identifying those that can be reduced, and it presents techniques, developed on the basis of several years' findings, for reducing those costs.

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The Economic Effects of Virtualisation, Tiered Storage and Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning Software

In an era of explosive data growth and flat or diminishing budgets, organisations must evaluate potential technology purchases not only on their technical merits but on their economic merits as well. Virtualisation, tiered storage and Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software can all deliver significant economic benefits to the organisation by helping to increase storage utilisation and overall efficiency while reducing costs and complexity. By addressing capital expenses as well as operational expenses, these three elements together represent an economically superior solution — a comprehensive and sustainable approach to storage — both today and for the future.

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Tiered Storage Economics: Defining and Calculating the Economic Benefit of Dynamic Tiered Storage Solutions

As IT architects and storage planners continue to look at best practices and technologies to proactively reduce ownership costs, dynamic tiered storage solutions should be part of a short- and long-term strategy for improved asset utilisation and storage efficiencies. While many IT planners assume that purchasing low-cost disk solutions alone will drive down the total cost of storage ownership, Hitachi Data Systems has observed that price alone cannot sufficiently impact lowering of operating expenses or reducing the total cost of disk ownership. Properly designing and implementing dynamic, multi-tiered storage architectures can significantly reduce current and long-term total cost of ownership. This paper examines trends and empirical results by Hitachi Data Systems consultants and IT analysts, which indicate that providing multiple tiers of storage to meet multiple lifecycle demands can have a positive impact on return on investment (ROI) and reductions in capital and operating expense.

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