E-mail Security - It Only Takes One E-mail

E-mail Security - It Only Takes One E-mail

02:28, November 3 2010

By M86 Security

MailMarshal SMTP - e-mail gateway security software

Total e-mail content security solution. Unifies anti-spam, e-mail threat protection, content security, policy enforcement and data leakage prevention. Acts as an e-mail gateway, powered by Marshal8e6 Defense-in-Depth anti-spam engine, filtering all incoming and outgoing e-mail at the perimeter. Highly scalable, flexible and easy to manage. Read more.

MailMarshal e10000 - e-mail gateway security appliance

Platform and policy engine of MailMarshal SMTP software built into an appliance. Combines the ease of installation and low administration overhead of a hardware appliance with the flexibility, scalability and depth of functionality of a software solution. Read more.

MailMarshal Secure E-mail Server - e-mail gateway encryption

Dedicated, policy-based, secure e-mail solution that provides encryption, digital signature and deep content inspection of inbound and outbound email messages. Operates with any MailMarshal SMTP or other S/MIME email gateways. Centralised certificate updates through director (LDAP) synchronisation. Read more.

MailMarshal Exchange - internal e-mail monitoring and filtering

Filters and manages all e-mail flowing through Exchange between inboxes and Exchange servers in remote offices. Monitors and controls intra-organisational e-mail content, facilitating a safe, productive working environment, compliance with acceptable use policies and data leakage prevention. Read more.

MailMarshal Service Provider Edition - hosted e-mail security

SaaS security solution enables managed service providers and internet service providers to offer hosted e-mail content security services to enterprise customers. Combines e-mail filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-pornography, anti-phishing, policy compliance, e-mail archiving and reporting. Central management and highly scalable. Read more.