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An Inside Job: Extending Enterprise Protection to Remote Laptops

IT managers face significant threats from remote workers and business travellers — in fact virtually any employee who takes a laptop home at night or on the road. To be clear, it's not the employees themselves who are the problem. What's happening is that remote workers are unintentionally and unknowingly infecting their laptops with spyware, Trojans, worms and other malicious code. Then they turn around and plug those laptops into the enterprise when they're back in the office. IT managers need to understand the severity of the situation, what's driving it and why it's only going to get worse. They can also familiarise themselves with tools that can help get things under control.

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Are Proxy Anonymizers Putting Your Enterprise in Peril?

Like many modern threats to enterprise security, the use of proxy anonymizers is largely part of a behavioural issue. Chances are, your company deploys web filters to fight off the threats lurking in cyberspace. And chances are, some of your employees have no trouble bypassing them by accessing web pages hosting proxy anonymizers, simple scripts that give surfers a way to get to sites that are officially off-limits. With so many new ones being created every day, ordinary filtering technology based on URL blocking just can't keep up. And because they don't raise red flags in log files the way unapproved sites do, they elude easy detection by IT security staff.

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Social Networking: the Pros, the Cons and the Solution

Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Bebo have permeated society and the workplace in recent years. With media giants such as ITV, News Corporation and Google buying up social networking sites - and other sites arriving on the scene constantly - there is little doubt that they are here to stay. Organisations are right to embrace these sites as an extra weapon in their sales and marketing armoury. However, they need to do so secure in the knowledge that organisational and employee security is not being compromised. Unfortunately, the extremely rapid growth in popularity of these sites risks catching many IT departments unprepared. Complacency is not an option for organisations faced with such a powerful, yet potentially problematic communications channel, which is why more and more organisations are turning to advanced content security technologies to mitigate the risks associated with social networking.

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