Neverfail Overview

Neverfail Overview

04:57, October 7 2008

By Neverfail

The Neverfail Group is dedicated to creating a world where business applications are continuously available. High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Data protection disciplines come together through an affordable and accessible solution.

Users can stay continuously connected to mission critical applications, for example email and BlackBerry systems, regardless of outages caused by planned maintenance, natural disasters, component failures or configuration errors.

With Neverfail, absolutely no user intervention is required in the event of failover and switchback — a unique offering in the industry.

Neverfail products failover in seconds, delivering the unique benefit of no business disruption as recovery is not required to keep the business running.

The Neverfail vision of zero business downtime has changed the way businesses think about high availability and disaster recovery. More importantly, it ensures added productivity, increased data protection and enhanced business relationships for our customers and partners around the world.

Cost Effective
Neverfail puts over a decade of experience and award-winning technology into every solution we offer. Our industry-leading development team has created and continues to improve a wide range of easy-to-use high availability solutions for any size of company across a number of industries.

Our solutions are focused on delivering continuous availability of mission critical applications without you having to invest in complex storage infrastructures and a pool of costly consultants. Neverfail can re-use existing hardware and works with direct attached as well and networked storage.

No wonder that Neverfail is again unique in our ability to offer more effective solutions at a better price than any of our competitors.

We provide on-line training and certification for your administrators meaning they don’t need to leave the office to become proficient, and working alongside our professional service they will quickly become confident in delivering the highest level of availability at the lowest cost of ownership

Your Partner for Success
Neverfail has invested in world class professional services and support so that you can be confident that Neverfail will deliver on it’s promise. Embedded within Neverfail technology is best practice gleaned from more than a decade of experience in working with some of the world’s leading brands.

A Growth Leader
Neverfail is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, backed by a carefully balanced mix of partners and channel organizations around the world. We have also assembled a senior management team that includes some of the leading names in high availability and disaster recovery solutions, supporting strategic growth on both the business and technology side of our company.

Take Full Advantage
We invite you to learn more about Neverfail solutions. With Neverfail, you can take full advantage of affordable, effective solutions for continuous availability, ensuring that all your users stay connected to the data and applications that drive your business