Sophos overview

Sophos overview

05:27, October 3 2008

By Sophos

Security and control

With 20 years’ experience and consolidated anti-malware, antispam, and policy enforcement expertise, we provide proactive, effective protection against security threats and unauthorized network access, while giving system administrators the security and control they need. Matched by business-focused, 24/7technical support, we respond rapidly to both known and unknown threats, no matter how complex they are. 

Unparalleled security expertise
Through worldwide visibility of emerging threats, SophosLabs™– our global network of threat research centers – analyzes web and email traffic 24 hours a day to secure and protect against any new virus, spyware, spam, or web-based threat anywhere in the world, irrespective of origin. 

Global presence
Sophos has offices worldwide and our products are sold through a network of subsidiaries and partners. Our technologies power leading third-party security solutions and our round-the-clock vigilance has led to rapid international growth, an expanding user base and continuous profitability.

Committed employees
At our heart is a team of skilled product developers, programmers, and technical support staff. Along with sales, marketing, and administration staff, they are committed to providing customers with unrivaled expertise, service, and support.

Sophos is a world leader in IT security and control. We offer complete protection and control to business, education and government organizations – defending against known and unknown malware, spyware, intrusions, unwanted applications, spam, and policy abuse, and providing comprehensive network access control (NAC). Our reliably engineered, easy-to-operate products protect over 100 million users in more than 150 countries. Our vision, commitment to research and development, and rigorous attention to quality have enabled us to maintain strong year-on-year growth and the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.

SophosLabs – responding quicker to virus outbreaks than any of our major competitors.


Small business solutions
Tailoring the power of Enterprise Security and Control for organizations with limited IT resources, and delivering easy-to-use, reliable protection against malware and spam on Windows and Mac networks.

Third-party integration
OEMs and users of third-party applications can harness the power of Sophos technology by integrating with our powerful anti-malware and anti-spam engines.


Sophos Support Services

All Sophos products come with 24/7 support as standard, but a range of additional services is also available.

Premium and Platinum Support Enhancements to Sophos Standard 24/7 support.

Sophos Professional Services Expert teams provide you with the right skills to implement and maintain complete endpoint and gateway security, maximizing your return on investment.

Sophos ZombieAlert™ and Sophos PhishAlert™ Services Immediate warning services if your organization’s computers have been hijacked or if your company name is being abused by a phishing campaign.

Endpoint Security and Control
A single automated console for Windows, Mac and Linux computers, providing integrated virus, spyware and adware detection, host intrusion prevention, device control, application control, network access control and firewall.

Email Security and Control
Managed email security appliances and protection for Exchange, UNIX and Notes servers, providing unique integration of anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing and policy enforcement capabilities to secure and control email content.

Web Security and Control
The first managed appliance to proactively ensure safe web browsing, blocking suspicious URLs, hijacked or infected websites, and download of spyware, viruses, malware and unwanted content.

Sophos NAC Advanced*
Advanced features designed specifically for enterprise network access control requirements. Providing easy deployment across existing network infrastructures, controlled access to the network, and enforced computer compliance with security policy before and after connecting to the network.

Enterprise Security and Control
Complete protection for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, file servers, your email gateway and groupware infrastructure and all your web browsing needs – in one simple license. Enterprise Security and Control defends organizations against known and unknown malware threats, as well as intrusion, policy abuse, unauthorized users, and the use of unwanted applications.


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