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Defending the email infrastructure: Why email requires comprehensive protection

With organizations facing a growing number of threats and an increasingly regulated business environment, ensuring security and compliance across the email infrastructure is paramount. The complexity of this challenge requires a comprehensive solution. To block attacks and enforce acceptable use of email, organizations need to deploy integrated protection at the email gateway, on the email server and on all endpoint computers. This paper explores the threats facing email infrastructures, illustrating the need for multi-layered security.

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NAC at the endpoint: control your network through device compliance

Protecting IT networks used to be a straightforward case of encircling computers and servers with a firewall and ensuring that all traffic passed through just one gateway. However, the increase in mobile workers, numbers and type of device and the amount of non-employees requiring network access, has led to a dissolving of that network perimeter. Access requests can come from anyone and anywhere, which is why organizations are turning to network access control (NAC) technologies. This paper discusses why NAC is important and how it should be implemented on the endpoint for maximum protection.

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Stopping data leakage: Exploiting your existing security investment

As attitudes to work and information continue to evolve away from those of the past, organizations are become more aware of the acute need to control the information that flows into, through and out of their networks. This paper demonstrates the need for a high-profile acceptable use policy to prevent data leakage, gives practical guidance on how to use current investments in IT security technologies at the gateway and endpoint to support this policy, and describes where new investment should realistically be made.

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