Teneo - Infrastructure Management, Performance and Virtualization Services

Teneo - Infrastructure Management, Performance and Virtualization Services

07:12, April 20 2009

By Teneo

Teneo is an infrastructure optimization company, providing solutions that help customers with the management, performance and virtualization of their IT systems.


Teneo is located in Reading and Manchester in the UK and near Washington DC in the USA. Our customer base of over 1,000 companies is truly global, stretching across some 40 countries.

Our focussed approach of understanding business goals and matching them to efficient IT solutions means that we are able to truly optimize IT infrastructure, leading to improved performance, greater user productivity and lower overall IT costs.

Teneo's solutions go beyond simple product supply and include assessment services, global installation, support services and service assurance offerings to ensure that your IT is always performing to its optimal capacity.

Working with best of breed partners such as Riverbed, Castle Rock, VMWare and Platespin, Teneo's IT optimization solutions are built from within these technology strands.



Understanding, mapping and analysing IT resources and their usage is the foundation stone for all successful IT departments. Only by knowing the location, availability and utilization of resources can you then address performance issues. Teneo’s solutions in this area help customers to understand what is on their network and monitor usage of hardware and software resources by departments and individuals.



Given the importance of anytime, anywhere application access, IT departments are turning to WAN optimization and performance solutions to improve and accelerate they way applications work across the wide area network (WAN).

In this way, IT managers can provide LAN-like access to data and applications anywhere throughout the enterprise network, enabling real-time collaboration as well as effective IT consolidation.

Recognized as a leader in this field, Teneo provides solutions that enable its customers to access data faster, centralize back ups and consolidate IT without having to make heavy investment in bandwidth.



Virtualization allows you to transform hardware into software. Specialist solutions are used to convert hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, hard disk and network controller into a virtual machine capable of running an operating system and applications.

Shared resources are considerably more efficient in terms of server specification, data centre footprint, power requirements, hardware maintenance and operating system licences.

Teneo’s virtualization solutions range from assessment services, where we will analyse the existing infrastructure and make recommendations on how to progress a virtualization project, through to providing the software, hardware and expertise required to undertake the project itself.


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