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10 reasons to deploy WAN optimization in an economic downturn

It’s no secret that companies often look to cut IT budgets in times of economic difficulty. But as McKinsey Consulting recently reported, it doesn’t make sense to do across the board IT budget cuts. Instead, the business should still make targeted investments that actually cut costs and prepare for the future. CIOs who take this advice to heart can present their board a strategy that delivers savings today and greater opportunity in the future. Why wait? Putting off the deployment of WAN optimization means savings and opportunity lost for the business.

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Extreme savings: cutting costs with wide-area data services

Organizations of all sizes strive to be more productive and run low cost operations. Particularly in difficult economic times, many organizations will evaluate various cost-cutting initiatives in order to weather the storm. Ideally, organizations should not make deep cuts in investments that may jeopardize future growth, such as product improvements or hiring of key personnel.This paper explores how enterprises can use Riverbed solutions to cut hard costs and make the most of their existing infrastructure, without negatively impacting their operations.

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