Trillium Software - Enterprise Data Quality

Trillium Software - Enterprise Data Quality

10:47, April 2 2009

By Trillium Software

Data is the lifeblood of commerce. It drives strategic decision-making, business investment, customer revenue and profit.  But how accurate is the data you use to make business decisions?  And if the decision is wrong, how much does that cost you?  The effects of data accuracy resonate across the enterprise and impact the bottom line: profit.

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software is a global leader in Enterprise Data Quality. We help our customers find and implement data quality improvements that translate into IT and business cost savings, business process improvements and rapid return on investment for new systems.

The Trillium Software System modules work together to profile, cleanse, standardize, link, enrich and  monitor global customer and business information in batch or real time .

TS Discovery provides data investigation and data profiling in preparation for data migration and data integration initiatives to ensure that data supports business requirements.

TS Insight monitors business rules and data quality metrics graphically through a customisable Data Quality Dashboard.
TS Quality provides cleansing, standardisation and matching of any type of customer or operational business data, across all platforms and applications to ensure consistency and accuracy wherever business users rely on data to meet their goals. 

To support the global needs of our customers Harte-Hanks Trillium Software maintains offices worldwide.


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