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Software-as-a-Service Improves Web and Email Security in Tough Times

The software-as-a-service model can help you stay ahead of Web and email threats without breaking the bank on infrastructure and management.

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The Changing Nature of Web Security Threats

This paper considers how Web-based security threats are evolving, within the context of IT trends including mobile, home computing and other forms of remote access that could all potentially increase the attack surface of the organisation.

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E-mail and Web Security SaaS

Webroot is an established security provider of Software as a Service (SaaS)-delivered e-mail and Web security suites. The e-mail security suite comprises anti-spam, anti-virus, content scanning for Data Loss Prevention (DLP), image scanning, continuity management for mails, e-mail archiving, and e-mail encryption.

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What the Ideal Cloud-Based Web Security Service Should Provide

The components required of an effective web security solution are many and varied, including a range of tools that guard against specific types of threats.

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The Critical Need for Encrypted Email and File Transfer Solutions

This white paper discusses key issues around encryption for both email and file transfer systems, some of the leading statues that require sensitive content to be encrypted, and suggestions for moving forward with encryption. This white paper also briefly discusses Webroot Software, the sponsor of this white apper, and their relevant offerings.

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The SMB Vs Web-Based Threats: Global Research Analysis

Small businesses, representing companies with fewer than 500 employees, represent 99.9% of all employers in the UK, and 99.7% of US employers. As such, they are a substantial economic driver, and can be considered part of the critical national infrastructure, meaning that their security readiness is a significant issue. As a leader in the campaign to secure companies of all sizes against cyber attack, Web security company Webroot undertook a survey to help increase the understanding of small to medium-sized business (SMB) security awareness and readiness.

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