Cyber Security

Why Data Modeling Is Still Relevant

There are those who think data modeling is passé or irrelevant. After all, data modeling theory is more than 30 years old and some data modeling tools have been around for 20 years. But data modeling is still essential. In fact, it may be more necessary now than ever. This whitepaper looks at several key […]

It’s Time To Get Agile

Shorter time to value, lower risk and greater flexibility? With benefits like these, it’s definitely time to get agile. This e-book offers guiding principles for creating agile development environments and suggests tools to help you get there. It will also explain how the right DevOps solution can help your team quickly and easily get agile […]

Enabling Agile Database Development with Toad – Part 3

The path to agile database development leads through shared resources and continuous integration. Once you’ve enjoyed the productivity boost from sharing and viewing queries, files, objects and datasets in real time with other database developers, you’ll never go back. Together, Toad Development Suite for Oracle and Toad Intelligence Central offer automation for synchronizing your database […]

Enabling Agile Database Development with Toad – Part 2

What does it take to make your database development as agile as your application development? In this whitepaper, the focus is on Team Coding, Code Analysis, SQL Optimizer and Code Tester, components of Toad Development Suite for Oracle. The components touch four areas of interest in automating database development: Access to source control PL/SQL unit […]

Enabling Agile Database Development with Toad

Clinging to traditional database management practices comes at a very high price. Since people don’t scale in a linear fashion, manual processes can never scale to the level required to support agile projects — making them a bottleneck that keeps many organizations from reaping the full benefits of agile methodologies. Download this whitepaper to discover […]

Cloud-Based IT Asset Inventory

Complete, unobstructed visibility of your IT environment is the foundation for effective cybersecurity. Without a full, detailed inventory of all your IT assets, your InfoSec team won’t be able to properly protect your organization because the things that pose the highest risk are the ones that you don’t know are there. For a long time, […]

Best Practices for IT Asset Discovery

Asset discovery has risen to become a critical aspect of managing and securing government IT environments thanks to new mandates, data-centre consolidation initiatives, and security requirements. Given the increasing need to know precisely what’s within your environment, where do you start? This free white paper maps out the top eight “must-have” aspects of asset discovery […]


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