Cyber Security

Boosting IaaS and PaaS Security in the Public Cloud

Recently, Intel IT has developed a public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) security strategy, which also encompasses platform-as-a-service (PaaS) security. This strategy, complemented by a comprehensive IaaS security architecture, enables Intel business units to use public cloud IaaS to accelerate innovation, and time to market while cutting costs. Intel have also moved some of their IT services […]

Getting Started with Advanced Analytics

In IT circles, talk about big data has shifted from hype and initial skepticism to a more considered conversation focused on using new and emerging technologies to capitalize on data to create business value. No longer are people asking, “Is there value in big data?” Instead, they are asking, “How can I use data analytics […]

IDC Technology spotlight: Modern ‘Embedded’ Endpoint Security

This Technology Spotlight explains why a modern endpoint security strategy requires an innovative approach that maintains always-on IT connectivity to corporate laptops and mobile devices. It explores how maintaining persistence by enabling the hardware-based security embedded in billions of devices can significantly reduce the attack surface and prevent data loss. This approach provides the level […]

Forrester’s Targeted-Attack Hierarchy Of Needs: Assess Your Core Capabilities

Targeted Attacks Are The New Normal Forrester defines a targeted attack as one in which a threat actor is targeting a specific organization. The intentions and capabilities of threat actor groups obviously vary, and not all targeted attacks are state-affiliated. There are two common attack vectors seen in targeted attacks: phishing and watering holes.   […]

The Enemy Within: Insiders are still the weakest link in your data security chain

With companies embracing mobility to maintain competitive advantage in the digital era, information security threats have increased exponentially. User-friendly technologies such as mobile devices, mobile apps, and cloud storage are often hacker-friendly too, creating opportunities for cybercriminals to covertly infiltrate company data. This opens the door to data loss, reputational damage, loss of proprietary information […]

Top 10 Data Security Tips to Safeguard Your Business

Hackers, or cybercriminals, are persistently on the lookout for data to steal—personal information, healthcare data, financial records, intellectual property and other proprietary information. If this data falls into the wrong hands the company’s ability to operate is severely impacted, and in some cases it can remove their competitive advantage or financial liquidity. Criminals will usually […]

Automating Top 20 CIS Security Controls

It’s not easy being today’s CISO or CIO. With the advent of cloud computing, Shadow IT, and mobility, the risk surface area for enterprises has increased dramatically, while IT budgets have shrunk and skilled cyber security talent is virtually impossible to find. Thankfully, the CIS Top 20 Critical Controls provides a pragmatic approach, offering prioritized […]

Better Security in The Cloud

Currently, IT departments are viewing cloudbased services as a better way to deliver the services business users need. In a recent survey conducted by IDG Research Services, investing in cloud services ranks as the second priority (55%) for respondents in 2015, topped only by the goal of improving data protection and security (73%). Yet only […]


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