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AI & Machine Learning World – What to expect from AI today

Artificial Intelligence has captured the imagination of business and public alike, conjuring up images of robot revolutions as rhetoric around the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace. As the rush continues to adopt AI technologies, it must be asked whether businesses understand what AI means for them. What can AI deliver for your business? What AI […]

Escaping Legacy

In tackling the legacy problem and thus assisting organisations to take the big leap towards becoming fully digital, this survey uncovered some valuable pointers to a successful migration strategy aimed at reducing or even eliminating technology debt. These are detailed in the report and summarised below: Adopt a business driven and evolutionary (step by step) […]

Couchbase adds SQL to NoSQL with Couchbase Server 4.0

There is no doubt that Couchbase Server version 4.0 is a substantial release, containing enough enhancements that they could justifiably be spread across multiple point releases. The scale of the update is symptomatic of Couchbase’s ambitions as it looks to increase its competition with the database giants for the next generation of enterprise applications. Capabilities […]

Moving from Relational to NoSQL: How to Get Started

This report includes Recommendations for identifying and selecting the right application. It will cover strategies for modeling relational data as documents, how to access them within your application, and how to migrate data from a relational database. Finally, this report will highlight the basics of operating a NoSQL database in comparison to a relational database.

Developing Applications with Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR)

Mission critical applications need a database that is always on. While intra-cluster replication helps with server failures, giving you high availability, your system still remains at risk from catastrophic failures – loss of a data center, power loss, natural disaster, etc. You may also need a way to improve the response time for users when […]

High Performance with Distributed Caching

Based on Couchbase’s experience with leading enterprises, this guide: Explains the value of caching and common caching use cases Details the key requirements for an effective, highly available distributed cache Explains differences in capabilities across Oracle Coherence, memcached, and Couchbase Server Describes how Couchbase Server provides a high performance, low cost, and easy-to-manage caching solution

NoSQL Database Evaluation Guide

This guide defines and details the eight core requirements for an effective NoSQL database. Based on those requirements, the guide articulates how databases do or do not meet those requirements, and points out what to look for and what to avoid. It begins with Data Access because the key requirement for Phase III applications in […]

Criteo Case Study (French)

Criteo, l’un des géants de la publicité numérique, cible chaque mois plus d’un milliard d’utilisateurs Internet uniques du monde entier. Son moteur automatise la recommandation de publicités et la sélection de produits des catalogues des annonceurs – 30 milliards de fois par jour, en moins de 100 millisecondes et après un calcul faisant intervenir plus […]

The NoSQL Technical Comparison Report

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the leading NoSQL systems: Cassandra, Couchbase Server, and MongoDB. Unlike other NoSQL comparisons that focus only on one or two dimensions, this research approaches the evaluated solutions from different angles to help you choose the best option based on performance, availability, ease of installation and maintenance, data consistency, […]

Why NoSQL?

The business world is undergoing massive change as industry after industry shifts to the Digital Economy. It’s an economy powered by the Internet and other 21st century technologies – the cloud, mobile, social media, and big data. At the heart of every Digital Economy business are its web, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications: […]


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