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API Strategy and Architecture: A Coordinated Approach

The rise of the application programming interface (API) represents a business opportunity and a technical challenge. For business leaders, APIs present the opportunity to open new revenue streams and maximize customer value. But enterprise architects are the ones charged with creating the APIs that make backend systems available for reuse in new Web and mobile […]

Five Simple Strategies for Securing APIs

APIs represent a great opportunity for the enterprise to integrate applications quickly and easily. But APIs can be a double-edged sword: promising agility, while at the same time increasing risk. Download this whitepaper to learn more about: • What Are APIs and Are They Worth the Risk? • The Three Attack Vectors to Watch Out […]

Five Pillars of Full Lifecycle API Management

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the Five Pillars of Full Lifecycle API Management: • Create modern, REST APIs from existing information assets. • Integrate and orchestrate enterprise services across silos. • Secure and authorize information assets exposed via APIs. • Optimize system performance and manage the API lifecycle. • Engage, onboard, educate and […]

Security and the Digital Future of the NHS

The NHS is currently evolving to meet the needs of an ageing population. This means that not only is the delivery of clinical care more challenging in the acute hospital setting but it increasingly relies on enhanced information access in the primary care, mental health and community environments too. The Five Year Forward View (FYFV) […]

Bringing digital transformation to local government

Citizens expect their local government to sort out complexity and make services intuitive and convenient. This creates a challenge for the IT professionals who deploy the underpinning technology. Local governments face a growing public demand for services, and unprecedented cuts in expenditures. Consequently, their IT departments need to start thinking fresh. This includes supporting fundamental […]

AI & Machine Learning World – What to expect from AI today

Artificial Intelligence has captured the imagination of business and public alike, conjuring up images of robot revolutions as rhetoric around the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace. As the rush continues to adopt AI technologies, it must be asked whether businesses understand what AI means for them. What can AI deliver for your business? What AI […]

Escaping Legacy

In tackling the legacy problem and thus assisting organisations to take the big leap towards becoming fully digital, this survey uncovered some valuable pointers to a successful migration strategy aimed at reducing or even eliminating technology debt. These are detailed in the report and summarised below: Adopt a business driven and evolutionary (step by step) […]

Couchbase adds SQL to NoSQL with Couchbase Server 4.0

There is no doubt that Couchbase Server version 4.0 is a substantial release, containing enough enhancements that they could justifiably be spread across multiple point releases. The scale of the update is symptomatic of Couchbase’s ambitions as it looks to increase its competition with the database giants for the next generation of enterprise applications. Capabilities […]


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