Internet of Things

Cloudpath Supports Digital Campus at Blackpool and The Fylde College

Blackpool and The Fylde College had a wireless network with authentication and security systems based on eight-year-old technology. This caused patchy connectivity and an IT staff forced to constantly create temporary accounts so users could log on. Read this case study to learn how Ruckus Cloudpath software helped them remedy this situation.

10 Myths About Wi-Fi in Higher Education

Your students come to campus expecting consistent access to super-fast download speeds, that devices will connect easily, and they will not have to constantly be entering passwords or calling the helpdesk. They expect Wi-Fi that just works. Are you giving it to them? Read this white paper to uncover the 10 myths of campus Wi-Fi […]

Residence Hall Makeover: Network Edition

Students on campus today have lived their entire lives as “digital natives” with instant access to information and the ability to contact anyone, anywhere, at any time. Therefore, they expect a true “home-away-from-home” experience, with constant connectivity in residence halls, classrooms, and across campus. Read this white paper to learn how you can provide superior […]

The Internet of Things infographic

With 30+ billion things connected, IoT will drive an explosion of data that will need to be processed, stored, managed, analysed, and served (in some cases in real-time) in order to drive business value. Key points: IoT – A Revolution In The Making Data Management In IoT IoT – Impacts & Business Value

Forrester: The Internet Of Things Heat Map, 2016

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled applications are poised to revolutionize digital customer experience and enhance digital operational excellence — but where will they apply at your company? Some key IoT-enabled applications such as security and surveillance and building management apply across multiple industries, while others, including inventory management, supply chain, and asset management, provide higher value […]

Powering the Internet of Things with Apache Hadoop: Four Customer Use Cases

Today, leading organizations worldwide are adopting Cloudera Enterprise—based on Apache Hadoop™—as the data management and analytics platform for storing, managing, processing, and, more importantly, driving analytics from all of their IoT data. With Cloudera Enterprise, organizations can easily bring data from multiple sources onto a single, unified, secure platform—combining and correlating IoT sensor data streams […]

For P&G, “Always On” is a business driver

By partnering with HPE, P&G ensures around-the-clock business performance. A decade after signing a groundbreaking managed services outsourcing contract with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), P&G asked HPE to take responsibility for the performance and availability of critical business processes and business impact, instead of IT-centric processes.

OpenStack Is Ready – Are you?

OpenStack is Ready for The Enterprise That Was Not Born Digital. NotableFortune 100 enterprises like BMW, Disney, and Wal-Mart have irrefutably proven that OpenStack is viable for production environments. These are regular companies, not firms that were born digital like Etsy, Facebook, and Netflix. OpenStack’s presence in the market is now accelerating, leveraging the success […]

The Value Of Cloud Partner Ecosystems

As more and more software and technology infrastructure is delivered and/or maintained as a service, tech channel partners are shifting their business models. Value-added resellers (VARS), service providers (SPs), and independent software vendors (ISVs) are operating outside of the silos that have traditionally separated them in order to craft expanded business service offerings that resonate […]

How the Internet of Things can benefit your business

This white paper offers vital insight into how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help retailers improve the overall shopping experience for their customers and staff. It reveals what technologies are powering IoT solutions and practical ways retailers can use these technologies in their stores. SATO Global Solutions (SGS) and Intel worked with Retail Week […]


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