Google unveils smart contact lenses

Google was not content with its latest contribution to the wearable technology market, Google Glass, as it has now turned to smart contact lenses.

The lenses are looking to be marketed towards diabetics, as they can measure the levels of glucose in tears.

The idea is to allow diabetics to better monitor their condition without taking blood.

The contact lenses contain a small wireless chip and glucose sensor that are wedged between two layers of biocompatible contact lens material.

But would a saline solution affect the contact lenses? Does the user have to actually cry to produce tears to be measured, or do the lenses get all the information it needs from the eye itself? There’s obviously the concern that microchips on your eyeball could be damaging.

It is also worth questioning if people who already wear contact lenses could use these. Would Google be able to make prescription lenses with the same capabilities?

Google is also apparently working on embedding LED lights for notifications. I’m not sure how this works, as surely having small lights flashing on your eye would affect your eyesight, which could be dangerous if you were driving. Or would you be able to see the lights at all? Would people have to warn you of your flashing eyes, reminding you to check your sugar levels?

Whatever the issues, we’re sure Google has thought of them, and is working on it.

The concept behind the lenses is great and the technology is certainly impressive, but it all seems a little bit ‘cyborg’ to me. Having a smart watch or a Google Glass headset or other wearable technology attached to your body is one thing, but actually putting something in your eye to monitor your sugar levels seems to be an extreme measure.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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