Is the Internet of Things the ‘most over-hyped technology’ out there?


With the Internet of Things (IoT) expected to grow to $8.9 trillion and 212 billion devices globally by 2020, according to IDC, even cows are set to be connected to the Internet.

But with this in mind, it may come as a surprise that Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle report has branded it as the most over-hyped technology in development today.

The analyst firm said the technology, which refers to a world of where devices and machines can communicate with each other and make intelligent decisions in real-time over the internet, is five to 10 years away from actual productivity.

Perhaps less surprisingly, Gartner put the hype down to a lack of standardisation in the area, including data standards, wireless protocols and the changing nature of the technology itself.

"A wide number of consortiums, standards bodies, associations and government/region policies around the globe are tackling the standards issues. Ironically, with so many entities each working on their own interests, we expect the lack of standards to remain a problem over the next three to five years," said Gartner VP and Fellow Hung LeHong.

As well as the Internet of Things, also near the top of the list are autonomous vehicles, consumer 3D printing and wearable computing.


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