Intel Security survey reveals blurring work-life boundaries


A new study from Intel Security reveals that 78% of professionals use their personal devices to carry out work-related activities.

The data suggests that work-life boundaries are being increasingly blurred, as 79% also report using company-issued devices for personal activities.

Additionally, the survey found that 40% of employees work from home or ‘wherever’.

While BYOD and flexible working can benefit businesses by cutting overheads and ensuring the workforce is always on-call, there is a tangible security risk when it comes to confidential data. For example, 35% of respondents admitted to using work devices to log onto public Wi-Fi networks, which are often unsecured.

There is also evidence that the onus may be on the employer to tackle potential security issues; 65% of respondents believe that protecting personal data on work devices is the job of company IT departments, and 77% are confident or very confident that their employer is doing a good job protecting important data.

"For many people work happens whenever and wherever, with whichever device is handy," says Raj Samani, EMEA Chief Technology Officer at Intel Security.

"However, just by checking work emails on a personal laptop, for example, an employee allows corporate data to wander outside the network, potentially unprotected.

"Enterprises need clearly defined policies on bring your own devices, outlining which applications and websites are permitted as well as providing advice on where not to access corporate data."

"By doing so, companies can reap the rewards of enhanced productivity and collaboration as well as protecting the company."

Intel Security conducted the global study alongside MSI Research, surveying the working habits of 2,500 professionals.

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