30,000 users embrace Facebook application to communicate beyond the grave

Even the event of dying has gone digital. The Facebook application requires that a user choose three friends to carry out the digital will of deceased users. Each friend must confirm that the person has passed way in order for their message to be able released on the social networking site.

The message is then posted on the deceased user’s Facebook wall allowing the user to have one last chance at communicating with friends and family.

The app was created by the Israeli technology firm Willook. The application started gaining attention after the company’s interesting campaign technique earlier in 2011 when thousands of people were tracked, called, and told "Death can catch you anywhere anytime go into ifidie.net before it’s too late."


According to the company’s website the application "is the first and only Facebook application that enables you to create a video or a text message that will only be published after you die."

The company says in one of its adverts: "Nobody thinks they will die anytime soon"

It’s great that the app provides a way for friends and loved ones to perhaps see a video of someone they’ve cared for whose passed away, but isn’t an application that focuses on people dying a little creepy? It definitely wins the award for most morbid application ever made.

Check out the "If I die" application video here.

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