Afternoon infographic

Another infographic for you here – this time on how employers react to your online identity.

In a recent Jobvite survey, over 40% of companies said they reconsidered candidates based on the content of their social profiles, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

It goes on to say that employers are more likely to view a candidate negatively if there are signs of illegal drug use or posts of a sexual nature on their profiles. Positive posts can influence decisions as well; with over 60% of companies involved in the study saying that evidence of volunteering or other charitable acts reflected well on the applicant.

You also have to keep your spelling and grammar in best condition. Two-thirds of companies said profanities and poor use of English in statuses and tweets reflect poorly on job applicants.

So here we are, an infographic detailing the types of online behavious that’ll make or break your career. After all, the Internet knows everything, and the Internet is forever.


Type: White Paper


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