An iPhone 6 is a mobile, it shouldn’t bend in your pocket

A mobile phone is meant to be able to carry out the functions of its namesake, surely? I am bemused at the amount of Apple defence floating around the web following #bendgate, with apologists claiming that users shouldn’t be placing their iPhones 6 Plus ‘mobiles’ into their skinny jeans pockets. But, it’s a MOBILE phone!

Apple is first and foremost a fantastic fashion brand. Skinny jeans are worn by a large percentage of the Western target demographic for Apple products, both male and female. Pinning the problem on users wearing skinny jeans is simply not acceptable here.

Of course, this is not from Apple’s mouth, as the firm has yet to make an official statement yet. In fact, it probably won’t make an ‘official’ statement regarding bendgate, but rather quietly slip the limited amount of users affected some fresh iPhones.

Whether a phablet or not, the iPhone 6 Plus is a ‘mobile’ phone, and for something to be mobile, it should have the ability to not unintentionally change shape in the pockets of someone who’s just splashed £600 on it.

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