Democratising the app-building process

As smartphones become more powerful and more ubiquitous, the average consumer is looking to manage more and more of their affairs through their device. And with this change, a dedicated app is becoming not just desirable but a business essential.

For some time now, therefore, entrepreneurs with a tech background have had a clear advantage in the start-up field. If you have a knowledge of coding, you don’t even really need that much capital – all you need to get your business off the ground is a website and an app, both of which you can produce yourself.

However, tools are emerging that will stop these abilities being the preserve of a few. New platforms are helping to democratise the app-building process. Mendix’s tool, for example, allows an enterprise to design and customise its own app without any knowledge of coding.

"Because of the different way of building apps, different types of people build them. Anyone can build an app." Mendix’s Johan den Haan commented.

"The DIY app space will be of increasing importance as some new enterprises will choose to entirely run their activities through digital technology," Johann adds.

"New banks are being started that are completely online. Only software is involved."

According to Johan, this democratisation of the app-building process not only helps enterprises to put their app together faster, but is also solving a skills shortage within the IT sector. In essence, these platforms "put the tools to solve the problem in the hands of the people who have them."


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