Empty user profiles skew numbers on social sites [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are increasingly experiencing success as new social media profiles are added everyday on each site.

However, many profiles that are created on social networking sites are not necessarily active profiles. The social media agency, Umpf, released a 2011 infographic, based on a study to discover just how active UK online users are on social networking sites.

The study analyses nearly 2,500 social habits among UK consumers.

When comparing the amount of active user profiles between men and women, Facebook and YouTube were the top two social sites overall. The Infographic shows that Facebook has an average of 75% active profiles between men and women and YouTube has an average of 68%. Men, however, were found to prefere LinkedIn and YouTube more than women.

Active profiles among specific age groups show that 18-24 years have the highest amount of active user profiles with 95% of them being used on a somewhat frequent basis.

As the age bracket increases the amount of active profiles on social networking sites decrease.

Based on the UK’s adult population of 48.6 Million the social sites with the most used profiles are ranked below:

  1. Facebook – 37.4mn
  2. YouTube – 32.1mn
  3. Twitter – 15.5mn
  4. LinkedIn – 7.9mn
  5. Foursquare – 7.2 mn
  6. Flickr – 6.7mn

Courtesy of Umpf

Type: White Paper


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