Flying wings that could come with your next car


For those of us who live in the real world, sightings of flying cars are few. All of this is about to change however.

A flying car, Transition, by Massachusetts-based startup Terrafugia, was soaring for 20 minutes in Wisconsin earlier this month.

However, the company said it prefers to call it a roadable aircraft as it’s designed to be used primarily in the air, but allows for public road travel to and from airports.

Terrafugia, on its website, said: "The Transition is the transportation of the future. A street-legal airplane that converts between flying and driving modes in under a minute, the Transition brings a new level of freedom, flexibility and fun to personal aviation."

Other features include a handy propeller, folding wings, a full-vehicle parachute and space for two people.

Users will have to have pilot’s licenses and will need to pass a test including 20 hours of flying time to be able to fly the car.

Production is scheduled to begin as early as 2015, so if you think going to an airport is too much hassle, best start saving now.

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