Fun is free on Android smartphones

It turns out that fun is free when it comes to Android apps, but not quite to the same extent on Apple’s App Store.

A new survey by App Annie has found that 96% of the top-grossing apps in Google Play are free. But conversely, 77% of iPhone apps and 69% of iPad apps sold through the App Store are free.

So, much like Apple’s overpriced devices, it turns out their software is also pricey. But it also shows that people are willing to pay to have the best content, much in the same way they are willing to pay top dollar to be a cool kid with a sleekly designed MacBook Pro.

I know because I am one of those people. I don’t use half the features exclusive to Macs, but I figured, hey I dabble in web design and I like to think I’m cool, so obviously the Mac is the laptop for me!

I also have an iPhone, but of all the apps I have, I have only ever paid for WhatsApp, a sleep app because I was having trouble waking up in the morning, and a full version of Tetris because, hey, who doesn’t love Tetris?

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