Is webcam stripping for charitable donations really alright?

Well. I don’t really know what to say – except that porn is being used to SAVE THE WORLD!

That’s right. Webcam strippers could soon be raising money for war veterans, homeless people and abuse victims one discarded piece of clothing at a time.

Startup website Benevidz launched a crowdfunding campaign on Rocket Hub last week to collect $15,000 to get the platform up and running.

On the site, anyone over the age of 18 would be able to set up a profile, charging viewers for saucy photos or webcam feeds and keeping a proportion of the takings – the rest would go to a cause of their choice.

Founder Michael Wondercub (which definitely sounds made up, though not really a stripper name. ‘Boombuns’ would’ve been better) claims the undertaking could divert millions of pounds from the adult entertainment industry and into charities’ pockets, adding that seven "reputable organisations" have already indicated they are happy to receive the cash.

And why wouldn’t they be? The more money the better for voluntary organisations, to keep the services they perform alive and well.
But it does raise some other moral questions. There is an ongoing debate over the nature of porn and its role in society that has become more pronounced recently.

We have David Cameron trying to banish porn from households by asking ISPs to automatically block such sites from the end of 2014, and the growing force of the No More Page 3 campaign, which has gained national attention with its quest to persuade The Sun to remove its topless pictures of women.

The aim here is great – how can it make sense that the most prominent picture of a woman in a daily national newspaper is a topless one?

The former is more questionable – it is right that children should be protected from porn, but isn’t that a parent’s duty, and isn’t it achievable through content filters?

Wondercub clearly has no problem with porn, and nor do many adults, as the turnover of the industry clearly demonstrates.

But is there a line between being a professional porn star and webcam stripping? Or would it all happen anyway, and so is Wondercub simply ensuring some of the money goes in a better direction?

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