Is Yahoo’s new logo a hit or miss?

Yahoo said in early August that it would spend 30 days testing out new logos and today its favourite one that embraces "the evolution" of their products was revealed.

The company also said that the new symbol would stay true to its roots and, for sure, the logo has retained the familiar exclamation point, purple complexion and full caps that have represented the company since 1995.

Changing a logo these days is not uncommon. Google unveiled a new logo in May 2013 after it acquired Motorola Mobility, replacing the decades-old red button "M" for more colours and a "Google company" tagline.

A little over a year ago, Microsoft introduced a redesigned logo that retained the long-standing Windows logo but did away with the wavy and multi-coloured flag.

The reasons for change are plenty, varying from the need to inject vitality and youthfulness into the brand, diversification, expansion and fresh starts, with the hope of winning over more consumers.

However, not all logo redesigns are met with favourable reactions from the public.

Clothing retailer Gap and Tropicana’s logo reinventions are examples that have not resonated well with consumers. It was only a short matter of time before they had to resurrect the old one after distressed customers revealed their disgust on Facebook and Twitter.

Can we expect the same to happen with Yahoo? Let us know your thoughts.

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