Keeping a tight ship: Security tips for the holiday season

1. Invest in reputable security software


Interoute says that smaller businesses can be a target because they may have a smaller budget for investing in corporate security solutions. However, there are reputable antivirus and anti-spyware offerings that will block hackers if its installed across corporate devices. Interoute says, however, the best option is to simply have security built into your network.

2. Go to the cloud

Cloud computing

Businesses can strengthen their data safety by storing information in the cloud. Interoute warns that it’s important to partner with a cloud provider who is open about where your data is held and moved.

3. Educate your employees


Enforcing internet security policies for employees can help curb security threats. It’s important for employees to know the risks that cybercrime poses, which can help them avoid inadvertently open the company up to breaches.

4. Stay on top of security threats


Make sure someone in your business is responsible for tracking and monitoring security threats. Educating IT staff on the latest scams and patching software will help ensure that complete protection is maintained.

5. Implement guidelines for BYOD

ipad at work

Interoute says that research revealed 50% of businesses have experienced a security breach caused by their employees. The growing popularity of BYOD means that businesses need to inform employees how to use devices on their network without compromising security.

6. Security protection for remote workers

home computer

As many staff will work from home during the holiday season, Interoute suggests taking extra precautions to protect staff accessing your business network and applications outside the office.


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