Less is more


It seems like Tesco wants a piece of everyone’s cake. Now the retailer has its sights on the Tablet as it plans to launch its own iPad-like computer.

It’s good to be ambitious, but is Tesco taking its belief in its own brand too far? Why does it keep fiddling with new launches? Every little helps in life, I’m sure, but every little diversification may cause it more harm than good in the end. Don’t they say that if you run after two hares, you’ll catch neither?

It should take a lesson from its clothing line F&F and coffee chain Harris + Hoole, which have yet to dominate the clothing and coffee market and instead focus on what it does best, the British food industry.

Having revolutionised the convenience store market with its Tesco Express among its 1,930 convenience stores in the UK, there are now only few newsagents where I live and no designated area place to buy vegetables or meat.

Rather than embarking into a market it knows relatively little about, it should spend more time investing in its fresh food ranges, new food ideas and customer service.

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