Let’s re-cycle

I’ve decided that I need to get myself a bike. My colleagues are all too aware of this – I’ve been talking about it for the past three months.

The problem is that I don’t have a whole lot of cash to buy one and, even if I did, I probably wouldn’t want to spend it on a bike. It will probably get nicked sooner or later anyway.

The bike needs to be durable and comfortable enough to enable me to travel to and from work, though, probably covering a distance of about 20 miles per work day.

When I was recently chatting to Mike Sheldon, CEO at Network Hardware Resale, his opinions on buying hardware actually helped to put my mind at ease as far as my bike shopping is concerned.

He believes that a lot of companies end up paying for brand new, state-of-the-art equipment that they just don’t need.

Likewise, I don’t need to pay over the odds for a super duper, brand new bike. I just don’t need it. I just need something that fits my needs – something that gets the job done.

I’ll buy my second-hand bike next month. But I’ll probably still be saying that next year.

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