LinkedIn used as toolkit for job searches

LinkedIn is fast becoming a research tool for bosses to identify potential employees after revenues at the networking site jumped 59% to $363.7m for the second quarter this year.

The landscape is changing. The way we find jobs is different and the way we approach employers is different. Some recruiters won’t even consider candidates without an online profile.

Therefore, the way we market ourselves on networking sites such as LinkedIn to potential employers is more important than ever.

So if it’s been years since you last applied for a job or if you feel a bit out of your depth when it comes to using LinkedIn, see below for some quick tips.

– Make sure your photo is professional and not one from a night out.
– Be concise. Don’t repeat what’s on your CV and view it as an overflow instead.
– Be relevant. Make sure your profile includes the necessary skills you can offer to potential employers.
– Be active. Re-connect with colleagues, previous colleagues and other people you’ve lost contact with
– Be careful about personal data. No need to include address, date of birth etc.

If you’ve any tips that you’d like to add, let us know.

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