Morning roundup: pick of the comment, November 03 2010

An alternative to Google search? (BBC dot.Maggie)
Google has long been the kingpin of search but every so often some start-up comes along thinking it can unseat the behemoth. Is Blekko the real deal or will it be another Cuil? Maggie Shiels finds out.

Foursquare lays down the law on fake mayors (ReadWriteWeb)
Location based social network Foursquare has quietly added a new feature that allows venue owners to revoke the mayorship of users they believe have won their titles illegitimately, says Marshall Kirkpatrick.

The day Steve Jobs was wrong (Gizmodo)
He was wrong, once. Ken Segall remembers and tells the story here.

Oracle vs. SAP: We got a right to pick a little fight – Bonanza! (All Things Digital)
As first legal volleys go, the ones fired off Tuesday in the Oracle vs. SAP trial were about what you’d expect given the sniping between the two companies in recent weeks- all bluster, petulance and condemnation, says John Paczkowski.

Yes, you need antivirus on your Mac.. and now it’s free (Sophos naked security)
Sophos has launched a free antivirus product for Macs. But aren’t Macs totally safe? I hear you cry. Nope, and here Graham Cluley explains why.

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