Morning roundup: pick of the comment, January 06 2011

Net neutrality: content and its discontents (The Guardian)
The free and open ethos of the internet is as stake if prioritising data for profit becomes a reality, says Joss Wright.

More valuable for business: Twitter or Facebook? (WebProNews)
Which is more valuable to business – Facebook or Twitter? It’s a question that business owners struggle with every day in the quest for building a larger customer base, and retaining the customers they already have. It’s a question that won’t have the same answer for every business. Chris Crum looks at the issue.

See if you can spot the problem with Microsoft’s tablet strategy (Business Insider)
Matt Rosoff examines what is wrong with Microsoft’s attempts to get into the tablet space – and why packing Windows into a small touch screen device simply won’t work.

Steve Ballmer’s CES 2011 keynote: Kinecting to your inner avatar (All Things Digital)
Arik Hesseldahl takes us through Ballmer’s eagerly-awaited keynote at gadget-fest CES.

Quora signups exploded in late December — then doubled from that this week (TechCrunch)
So this service Quora, it’s getting pretty hot. But up until now, we’ve only be able to guestimate how hot it actually is. But today they’ve finally shared some actual information — on Quora, naturally. MG Siegler tells us more.

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