Morning roundup: pick of the comment, October 06 2010

1. A cut-price tablet computer? Whatever Next… (BBC dot.Rory)
Next, the UK fashion retailer, is selling a tablet computer, and at £180 it looks like an attractive alternative to Apple’s iPad, which starts at more than twice the price. But is it any good? Rory Cellan-Jones finds out.

2. The iPhone has a real fight on its hands (The New York Times)
Data from Nielsen confirm that Android phones are now among the best-selling smartphones in the United States. Miguel Helft looks at the figures.

3. Moving regulated industries to the cloud (GigaOm)
Regulated industries like health care and financial services deal with large quantities of sensitive data many deem unsuitable for cloud storage. But for those prepared to invest in understanding and meeting the requirements of such heavily regulated environments, there are many opportunities to offer premium services, says Paul Miller.

4. Why Twitter still needs Evan Williams (The Telegraph)
Evan Williams is a technological visionary. He may have stepped aside as Twitter’s CEO, but, based on several interviews with him, he should remain at Twitter’s heart, argues Emma Barnett.

5. 4 trends in enterprise video conferencing (ReadWriteWeb)
Not long ago, video conferencing was science fiction – now it’s a key part of many enterprises’ communication strategy. Several pieces of news in the past couple weeks are illuminating some key trends in enterprise video conferencing. Here’s what we’re seeing, according to Klint Finley.

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