Morning roundup: pick of the comment, December 07 2010

Google’s Andy Rubin gives a flash of tablet future (All Things Digital)
Ina Fried live blogs from Andy Rubin’s keynote at D: Dive into Mobile, as Google expands its strategy from the mobile space.

First, good Google rankings, then an arrest for cyber-bullying Brooklyn eyewear merchant (Los Angeles Times)
Cyber-bullying initially landed Vitaly Borker, the Brooklyn eyewear merchant who goaded customers into posting scathing online reviews, with a better position on Google searches. Now it’s landed him a trip to jail.

Facebook: We’re not kicking Wikileaks off our site (ReadWriteWeb)
Classified document publishing website Wikileaks has now been kicked off of Amazon, Paypal, its DNS server and its Swiss bank account – but it lives on, including across hundreds of mirrored sites and is the subject for widespread discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

The Richard Pryor school of "white-collar" crime (CBR Rolling Blog)
Superman III may not be The Man of Steel’s greatest moment on film, but it’s told us something about IT security. Gary Flood explains more.

Training for next-generation tech entrepreneurs (GigaOm)
Traditionally, business school gave young businesspeople the "chops" to get ahead in corporate America. But even though the tech startup has become an almost everyday part of modern business, B-schools are still highly focused on issues that large corporations face. And while many do now offer entrepreneurship classes, today’s smaller, more nimble, and highly iterative businesses need a place that’s specifically dedicated to their unique needs. Where’s a person with an idea to learn how to make their own job or company? Enter incubators.

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