Morning roundup: pick of the comment, January 21 2011

Google shuffle: why Eric Schmidt had to be pushed from the top (The Guardian)
After slipups with search, Street View and Android, it’s clear that Google needs tighter control at the top – and Eric Schmidt is not the man for the job, says Charles Arthur.

Page is back as CEO, but is that what Google really needs? (GigaOm)
Just as Silicon Valley was starting to come to terms with the sudden departure of Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, another technology giant dropped a bombshell: Google CEO Eric Schmidt said he is stepping down to become executive chairman of the company. Larry Page is now in sole control of the web giant. But does he have what Google needs? That’s not obvious, says Mathew Ingram.

Was it time for a fresh face? Thoughts on Larry Page as the new Google CEO (Search Engine Land)
Wow. Just announced, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is stepping down from that position, to become "Executive Chairman," with Google cofounder Larry Page stepping into the CEO role. Danny Sullivan reflects on how Schmidt came into the role that Page once held and why the company may be making a change now.

The Lovefilm legacy (Financial Times)
Lovefilm’s £200m takeover by Amazon has reopened the usual debate about European tech start-ups. Sure, it’s a great exit for Lovefilm’s management and investors. But as one entrepreneur friend said to me upon hearing the news: "Yet another one gone to the USA then." Tim Bradshaw reports.

Why is Verizon suing over net neutrality rules it once supported? (Ars Technica)
In the wake of Verizon’s decision to sue the FCC over its net neutrality rules, it’s worth taking a look back at the rules Verizon actually supported last autumn…

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