Morning roundup: pick of the comment, September 30 2010

1. The future by Google’s boss (BBC dot.Maggie)
Eric Schmidt’s view of the world is one where we are never lonely, never forget anything, never get lost, never run out of ideas, are never bored and perhaps one where we never actually need to drive a car because it will drive itself, says Maggie Shiels.

2. Market on edge after Apple drops like a stone (Financial Times)
Just what caused Apple’s stock to plummet recently? News of a big fall in the price of Apple shares got the Twittersphere raging about the prospect of a mini flash crash in the making on Tuesday, says Izabella Kaminska.

3. Facebook’s Sandberg: In the future, all media will be personalised (Paid Content)
There will always be a place for mass marketing, but in the next three- to five years, a website that isn’t tailored to a specific user’s interest will be an anachronism, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says.

4. Are we headed to an open source enterprise? (GigaOm)
A number of factors — cost, security, control — make large-scale open source adoption both a valid option and a difficult choice for enterprises. On the one hand, it’s cost-effective, inherently agile and reliable. On the other, it’s innovative, disruptive and therefore risky to business owners.

5. The rise of the 3-D printers (The New York Times)
Each year, there seems to be one tech theme percolating in online discussions, at conferences and among the nerdosphere. Over the past few years, the conversation has included Web 2.0, social media, augmented reality and the gaming in everything. This year, the talk is all about 3-D printing.

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