Morning roundup: pick of the comment

Our pick of the morning reading

1. Bill Gates Joins the iPad’s Army of Critics. Steve Jobs Couldn’t Care Less (BNet)
Microsoft founder Bill Gates thinks the iPad will struggle without a real keyboard and he doesn’t wish Microsoft has got there first.

2. MySpace, R.I.P (GigaOm)
It is not good to talk ill of the dead. It is okay, however to speak the truth, however harsh it might seem, about the living dead. Rupert Murdoch’s $580m MySpace purchase has outlived not only its utility, but has also finally hit its expiration date, says Om Malik.

3. Twitter is so last week… (Gartner)
Following the launch of Google Buzz, Scott Nelson says that companies should no longer have a Twitter strategy. What they need is a social media strategy.

4. War of words in the SOA management space (CBR)
You may not think that there would be a lot to get worked up about in the relative niche of services oriented architecture (SOA) management and governance. You’d be wrong, says CBR editor Jason Stamper.

5. New media, new politics? (The Telegraph)
How bloggers and new media will make their presence felt in the coming general election, by Paul Evans.

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