New dating app – gone are the days of old-fashioned romance

Something Say is the new dating app that allows men and women to exercise small talk on other people.

The app randomly matches users up to somebody who is looking for a partner that matches their profile or interests – therefore equipping them with skills to avoid "awkwardness, eerie silences and slaps" on any first dates.

Say Something, the startup behind the app, is seeking a lot of funding, about $31,000 (£20,000), to bring this app to the mainstream market.

But I think the app is deceptive because it’s making you believe you’re on a first date when you’re not at all. You can never know for certain the person you’re actually connecting with. For all you know, you could be practicing conversations with a madman.

For me, awkwardness, eerie silences and even slaps are all part of the process to finding Mr or Ms Right. As Albert Einstein says, "The only source of knowledge is experience."

Simply put, his or her reaction to your comments or actions teaches you what mistakes to avoid for next time.

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