Privacy is wasted on the young

As social network usage in daily life has been on the rise for several years many people under a certain age do not have the same concept of internet privacy as those who have watched the social media landscape develop.

Don Peppers, founding member of Peppers and Rogers group said: "The concerns we might have privacy are virtually irrelevant for today’s teenagers."

Many teenagers have not had to cope and understand the new ways that social media opens up private lives and sharing. "For teens and generations after them, who will grow up taking for granted what we have had trouble adjusting to, privacy will be thought about in different ways," said Peppers.


The fear of repercussions on securing jobs by posting compromising information and pictures even seems to be understood differently by those growing up with social media. It is predicted that the younger generation’s response will be to remain unconcerned. This may not be unlikely as we have left the era where addressing everyone by their last name and wearing suits is compulsory.

Alternatively, there is the view that the importance of privacy can be looked at differently regardless of age. Some older individuals could be more apt to sharing information that some teenagers who choose to remain more private.

The CTO of Nokia, Henry Tiri, said: "How high you set your privacy bar very much depends on how you see technology as part of your life."

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