Sexy tech

In the world of IT, you often hear people describing all sorts of tech as sexy.

"Sexy smartphone," "sexy laptop," ‘phwoar, look at that sexy data centre rack space." It’s always seemed to me that if you think technology is sexy then you’ve probably using it wrong – and it will surely affect the warranty.

But we’ve covered some recent stories about some genuinely ‘sexy’ technological developments.

First, there was GetPure’s app that aims to help users find likeminded partners for a bit of ‘how’s your father?’

Then there was Silicon sisters’ Everlove, a saucy game about a woman hypnotised into believing she is living in a village with an abundance of suitors to choose from. Its makers promise a ‘titilating storyline’.

We’ll have to wait to find out exactly how successful they are but sex does sell. They’re certainly not my cup of tea but a friend of mine will be happy to give them a go. I’ll keep you posted.

Type: White Paper


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