Sleep-deprived startups are doomed to fail

How many hours do you work each day? How many each night? Because Forbes thinks you could be working too much.

This article from Michael Thomsen cites Marissa Mayer’s 130-hour working week habit at Google, but suggests it isn’t always a recipe for success.

Thomsen writes: "The irony of this increase in working hours is that it usually comes in service of extraordinarily bad ideas, the majority of which end in failure. While the tech industry is the subject of special fantasies of how exponential profits can spring from just a few people working together on laptops, three out of every four startups fail.

"It may be that accepting the normalcy of non-stop work is encouraging a culture of unusually bad thinking, painstakingly propped up by those charged with turning thought into real product."

Certainly food for thought. Check the full piece out on your lunch hour/at 5pm/ on your commute home/ while tucking in to sleep under your desk.

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