The ever-expanding social network

As of March 2013, Facebook reported it had 1.11bn people using the site each month: a 23% increase from a year earlier.

665 million users are active on Facebook on an average day, with 751m using the social networking app on a mobile device.

Facebook has seen a steady increase over the years. Here’s how the figures break down:

End of 2004 – 1m
End of 2005 – 5.5m
End of 2006 – 12m
April 2007 – 20m
October 2007 – 50m
August 2008 – 100m
January 2009 – 150m
February 2009 – 175m
April 2009 – 200m
July 2009 – 250m
September 2009 – 300m
End of 2009 – 350m
February 2010 – 400m
July 2010 – 500m
End of 2010 – 608m
July 2011 – 750m
September 2011 – 800m
End of 2011 – 845m
March 2012 – 901m
June 2012 – 955m
September 2012 – 1.01bn
December 2012 – 1.06bn
March 2013 – 1.11bn


It’s not surprising that with so many people on Facebook, it is permeating all aspects of our lives. It is becoming the norm to invite people to events and parties through Facebook rather than handwrite invitations. Rather than print photos, people simply share them on Facebook with their friends. And when your status changes to ‘In a relationship’ on Facebook, then you know that your dating has turned into something serious.

Is Facebook taking over?

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