Top 10 tech analysts on Twitter: Part II

Our original list of the top 10 technology analysts to follow on Twitter caused a bit of a stir so we’ve decided to have another go at it…

Andy Bitterer, Gartner
Bio: Photographer, Keyboarder, Composer, Techie, Cartoonist, Nonstop Flyer and Gartner Analyst.
Sample tweet: What on Earth is the "Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE" that is required for this application? Browser-dependent apps in 2011?

Andrew Buss, Freeform Dynamics
Bio: Service Director, Access & Infrastructure. Focus on convergent technologies and channel.
Sample tweet: Kindle Fire puts stake in the ground on pricing for non-iPad tablets. Question is not what it does to the iPad but to other tablet vendors.

Mike Gualtieri, Forrester

Bio: Forrester Research Principal Analyst covering application architecture, design, and development.
Sample tweet: I don’t write quick and dirty code. Better approach is smart design & better tools neither of which take more time. Goodbye technical debt.

James Kobielus, Forrester

Bio: IT industry analyst. Forrester Research. Data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence.
Sample tweet: Headline in IT press about lawsuit involving cloud services. Said "cloud suit." Ever so briefly, my subconscious said "clown suit."

Carolina Milanesi, Gartner
Bio: Mobile analyst, mum and time juggler.
Sample tweet: How does Whitman fit into HP’s strategy to focus on Enterprise? Talented lady but her focus has been more on the consumer market so far.

Steve O’Grady, RedMonk
Bio: I helped found RedMonk. If you see someone at a tech conference wearing a Red Sox hat, that’s probably me.
Sample tweet: The one problem with Google Apps is that the support is terrible.

Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group

Bio: Industry Analyst (aka Catalyst) at Altimeter Group.
Sample tweet: Heard from FB employee that Software Engineers at Google have retention bonuses that are above 1 million dollars to avoid defection.

Bob Tarzey, Quocirca
Bio: Bob Tarzey is an Analyst and Director at UK based IT business and analysis house Quocirca
Sample tweet: #ARDayJNPR nice lunch at Juniper event, now on to the important stuff; DC. security and channel!!

Alys Woodward, IDC

Bio: Business Analytics and Social Platforms analyst for IDC in Europe, covering software and services.
Sample tweet: IBM really gets that big data must integrate with existing dw and other enterprise info via data governance.

Jonathan Yarmis, Doctor Disruptive

Bio: Industry analyst (aka Doctor Disruptive): advanced, emerging and disruptive technologies: social, mobility, cloud. And anything else exciting and important.
Sample tweet: Because customers have halted purchases?! RT @Reuters: Analyst says RIM may have halted PlayBook production

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