Top 10 iPad accessories for business

Z3 iPad Stand

The Z3 from RAT Stands has a fully adjustable height, which ranges from 40cm to 137cm, so is easy to use while sitting, standing or lying down. It swivels through 360 degrees so it can sit at any angle. The stand also folds into a bag and weighs just 2.1kg.

The Z3 could be used for demos or when giving lectures and presentations from notes on your iPad. The stand comes in black or silver for around £140 and can be purchased with a bag for an additional £18.

Tizi Mobile TV Tuner

This TV hotspot for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone allows you to watch TV on the go, to catch TV shows when you’re away from home.

It has wireless connectivity and only weighs 70g. Its high performance 1050mAh battery gives up to 3.5 hours of TV viewing. Tizi claims the antenna is able to bend up to 180 degrees without breaking. Tizi connects to your phone through Wi-Fi and works on trains and buses. The TV quality, however, may vary in each area depending on reception.

Just Mobile AluPen Pro Stylus
Just Mobile Stylus

The Just Mobile pen combines an iPad stylus with a refillable ballpoint pen. The retractable ballpoint one end and the soft rubber tip at the other allows users to switch between writing notes on paper and sketching ideas onto tablets.

The AluPen is also useful for typing, gaming and browsing the web on all capacitive touch screens. The pen comes with a replaceable nib and a carry case. Prices start at £34.99 on Amazon.

Matias Foldable keyboard
Matius Keyboard

The Matias folding keyboard is a full size keyboard that is able to fold in half for easy storage. It is compact enough to fit inside a travel bag, the makers claim. The keyboard gives enough resistance to support the weight of a user’s hands, to add comfort. The Matias keyboard has all the basic volume controls, function keys, navigation keys and cursor keys. It is compatible with the iPhone 3GS with iOS4, iPhone 4, iPad or Mac computer with Bluetooth wireless technology. US, UK, French, German and Japanese layouts are available. Prices start at £79 on Amazon.

HyperDrive iPad hard drive

This hard drive gives the Apple tablet an extra 1TB of storage on the go. The external drive has a 3.2 in colour display and menu buttons. Users can transfer photos and videos to the iPad by using the iPad’s photo importer application or Apple’s iPad Camera connection kit. The HyperDrive is compatible with iPad 1 and 2, storing and transferring up to 1TB of files. The hard drive is able to navigate directly with the iPad and files can be backed up onto 12 different types of memory cards. Prices start at £99 on Amazon.

Ram Locking Vehicle Mount
Ram car mount

This mount is ideal if you need access to your iPad while driving in your car. It has an adjustable arm for positioning you iPad at the right angle and is light weight. The mount has locking cradle features for the iPad to avoid it falling or moving out of place. The vehicle mount also allows easy access to electronic ports. The RAM mount is available on Amazon for £93.

Aryca Waterproof iPad Case
Aryca waterproof case

The Waterproof iPad case is a great accessory if you need to access your iPad outside in the rain, bring it along when doing water sports like rafting or on a trip to the beach. The Aryca case can be used for an iPad tablet that is 9.7 inches or smaller. The case comes with a built in stand and can be submerged in water up to 1m. Available on Amazon for £59.99

Mophie Juice Pack Power station

The Mophie Powerstation is an external rechargeable battery to use for all your mobile devices. The is lightweight weighing slightly over 200g but its 75mm wide and 115mm size means it takes up a decent amount of space. The Mophie Powerstation pro charges multiple devices which include the iPad, iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices by providers like HTC, Samsung, and Blackberry.
The Mophie juice pack comes with a small USB cable to charge it with your computer or a wall power outlet adapter. Prices start at £81 on Amazon.

Vogel Wall Mount
Wall mount
The wall mount makes accessing your iPad a breeze when at work, home or when travelling. The mount comes with a button that can be screwed onto almost any surface and can rotate up to 360 degrees. The mount also comes with a locking system to ensure stability and can easily be removed and attached. The Vogel mount is a great accessory for those that must share an iPad with others at work. Prices start at £25.99 on Amazon.

iPad TabGrip

The TabGrip is perfect for using your iPad when multitasking. Its grip feature allows users to comfortably and securely hold the iPad in one hand while typing with the other. The TabGrip has a flexible backing along with adjustable stand legs for viewing and typing.The TabGrip weighs less than 7 ounces and is compatible with your iPad 1, 2 and 3. Prices start at £25 on Amazon.

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