Top five mobile security tools


GadgetTrack iPhone app

Available on iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices, GadgetTrak does exactly what it says on the tin. If your device goes missing you can use this service to login to its web portal and track your phone. It generates location reports, including map points, longitude & latitude and IP address. It can also use the camera to take pictures of its location and even snap the thief in action. Once tracking starts settings can only be modified by you, so the thief is unable to tamper with it. GadgetTrak can also send out a piecing alarm, even if the phone is switched to silent.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security

One primarily for Android devices this features the usually security functions: protection against viruses, malware and spyware; the ability to backup and restore contacts and a find ability if the phone is lost. In addition to this a premium version of the app features: Privacy Advisor, which lets you know which apps are accessing data; remote lock and wipe capabilities, protection from phishing and malware when surfing the web; and a premium support service.

McAfee WaveSecure iOS Edition

McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee’s mobile security app has recently been extended to Apple’s iOS devices and is also available on Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone devices. It costs a whopping £13.99 but the company says it offers backup and restore functionality and can also remote wipe a device if it is lost. Information such as contacts, photos and videos can be backed-up and the device’s location can be tracked via McAfee’s WaveSecure online portal.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security

We’ve all heard about the consumerisation of IT – workers bringing their own devices into the office. The security risks of this area clear, such as data loss and the possibility to viruses or malware getting on to the corporate network. Trend Micro’s Mobile Security platform works on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices and offers protection against viruses, SMS spam, spyware, hackers and data loss while also ensuring policy compliance.

WISeID Password Manager & Personal Data Protector


If you’re worried about all the passwords you have to remember when it comes to logging in to systems on your mobile, this may be the app for you. The system stores all your usernames, passwords, PINs, credit cards, loyalty cards, notes and any other information behind one encrypted master password. You are the only person who can access it so your data is protected if the phone is lost or stolen. It is available for Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices.

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