Twitter proves that Kim Jong-il will live on forever in #TeamAmerica

As news of the death of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-il has become globally known people from around the world are expressing how they feel about him through Twitter.

Kim Jong-il Team America

The death of the North Korean leader has sparked a massive Twitter trend of ‘Team America’ references.

The #TeamAmerica trend features tweets that light heartedly make jokes about Kim Jong-il’s evil dictator character in the movie Team America. The film is a satire on big action films and focuses on poking fun at the global aspects of US politics. The movie follows a team of political policeman who call themselves "Team America: World Police", who must save the world from a violent terrorist plot led by Kim Jong-il.

Here are few tweets we especially liked:

"RIP Kim Jong you will always be my favourite dictator to be parodied in a puppet movie #TeamAmerica
"Everything I know about #KJI I learned from #TeamAmerica
"Oh no! Our beloved star of #TeamAmerica is dead! #Kimjongil maybe will do a tribute song?"
"Rip #Kimjong you were a great actor, I especially love you in #teamamerica"
#Kimjongil was apparently a massive Elizabeth Taylor fan. Who knew. #TeamAmerica
"Didn’t realise Kim Jong was ill, I thought he was just ornery…so ornery, so ornery and sadry along."
"I’m informed it was Kim Jong-il that died. That’s the lonely Asian dude from #TeamAmerica. Was kind of a baller though #RIP."

Kim Jong-il might have been the supreme leader of North Korea but it looks like some will always remember him as the musically talented, lonely dictator.

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