US/SEA tensions increasing

In the latest move in the growing cyber war, Paramount Defenses, a US cyber security company, has announced that "out of an abundance of caution" it has decided to delay the declassification of a ‘critical’ cyber security risk that numerous organisations worldwide may potentially be exposed to – in light of potential threats to major media outlets from the Syrian Electronic Army.

Paramount Defenses, founded and led by a former Microsoft security expert, provides cyber security reconnaissance, and was scheduled to declassify a "critical" cyber security risk that could have impact on media organizations all around the world.

However, the announcement has been postponed in light of the recent attacks by the SEA on US and UK media outlets, and this attack on a Marines website.

It claims that "this cyber security risk is one that could potentially enable an insider, or a malicious outsider who is able to gain control of a host on the inside, to gain unrestricted administrative access in organisational IT environments and subsequently access, divulge, tamper or destroy almost any organisational IT asset of choice, such as confidential information or classified data, residing on desktops, laptops, file servers, databases, Web servers and application servers."

They’re basically talking about someone doing an Edward Snowden. I wonder what they’ve found? Of course this could all be a bunch of hot air and cunning PR, but it’s interesting to see the buzz that is mounting around this growing cyber war that will also see the US launching their own cyber attacks against Syria.

"This cyber security risk is one that the several major media outlets worldwide may also be exposed to, and in order to minimise even the slightest possibility of the Syrian Electronic Army or other malicious entities, such as advanced persistent threats, misusing any such information to carry out more damaging cyber attacks on media outlets, particularly while Washington mulls military action in Syria this week, out of an abundance of caution, the company decided to postpone the declassification date until next week."

Right, I’m off to get my popcorn and watch some of these hacking films to get in the mood.

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