Watch your Facebook profile in a music video

Have you ever dreamed of starring in a music video?

If so, music duo Big Data can make your dream come true.

To accompany their new song, Dangerous, they have created an interactive website that uses photos, statuses and comments from your Facebook feed to create a personalised music video.

The Facehawk application enters your profile, once you have given permission, and displays a screenshot of your profile, adding comments about the Dangerous music video as if someone were writing on your wall.

The screen then begins to violently shake before the page falls away and photos from your albums along with past statuses and comments from your wall begin to float on to the page to gradually form a 3D hawk.

"With each new song, we always try to examine modern problems of technology and the ongoing love/hate relationship we have with it," Big Data’s Alan Wilkis told Mashable.

"The song ‘Dangerous’ in particular is inspired by this new and bizarre cycle of voyeurism we all experience with the Internet — the idea that we are able to peer deeply into the lives of others through Facebook and yet, at the same time, our every single click…is anonymously monitored, tracked and recorded," Wilkis added. "And as innocuous as our day-to-day Internet usage feels, there’s something disturbing about what’s happening beneath the surface."

It’s strange to see the past few years of your life float around the screen in front of you. It’s a nice way to reminisce any memorable occasions that you have documented on Facebook. I sat and watched pictures of myself, my friends and family at various birthdays, celebrations and special occasions, on holidays and trips sweep into the centre of the screen.

And looking at some of the comments from your friends is fun as it jerks your memory back to whatever it was you were talking about.

Try it out for yourself at the Facehawk website:

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